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My name is Tom Bell. In many respects, I'm an average Joe. But behind the scenes, my family and I have been seeking justice for our sister Alison who took her life at the age of 25 in 1991. We did not know it at the time but in the period leading to Alison's suicide, a mental health nurse had been having sex with her on the hospital premises. As a result, she endured a crisis-pregnancy and an abortion was quickly arranged by staff at the NHS mental health hospital where she was a patient. Details of what happened were omitted from key medical records. Nobody has ever been held accountable

What started as a search for truth and justice, became a painful heartbreaking quest that has cost my career and taken me to the point of suicide. The reaction of the Police, NHS, CPS and CQC to our search for answers has been defensive and at times dishonest. As a former NHS manager, these are not words I ever thought I would use to describe the behaviours of our most revered institutions. 

But I don't believe people are inherently bad. Many of our Public Sector Services simply do not enable people to take their best self to work. Employees are forced to compromise their humanity for many reasons. This site was developed as a space for candid, passionate, compassionate and respectful conversations about an ethical crisis that is costing lives and causing untold harm. What makes reasonable people behave in ways they would not want for their own loved ones? What are the behaviours we want to see in our Public Services and how can we develop and share them?

If we can create cultures of honesty and integrity in the leadership and management of our Public Sector Services then we can reduce harm, heartache, and save lives and money. I invite you to join this important conversation, to share your knowledge, experience, thoughts and ideas to help create a better future for the users of Public Services and the many good people working in them... 

"A very valuable reminder that, at its worst, and even with the best of intent to begin with, our experience of a really bad bureaucracy can be no different from tyranny."

Rory Sutherland

Tom Bell - Lions, Liars, Donkeys and Pen

"The psychotherapist Carl Rogers said the particular is often general. This tragic tale is representative of the general failure of our institutions to act morally, whose leaders worry more about their reputation than their organisation’s purpose. Insightful, compelling and disturbing."

John Seddon

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